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Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed out? You're not alone.

Empty Nest Success Starts Here

Imagine what it would be like to have clarity and peace in your life. The empty nest transition is a fantastic time to set yourself up for making the rest of your life the best of your life. With resources available here, and your joyous investment in your evolution, you'll be on your way to achieving all this and more. Begin with the podcast, and the free 30-Day Challenge to Empty Nest Success. Need more? Limited private coaching sessions are available as well! You are on your way to becoming the C.E.O. (Conscious Effective Olympian) of Your Life!

I believe in your amazingness.

30-Day Challenge

Take control of your life. Use this empty nest transition time to uncover who you are! Join the 30-day Challenge to Empty Nest Success to be introduced to concepts that have resonated with Coach Christine's most successful clients. With a minimal investment: 5-10 minutes daily, step into your life and see what is possible.

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Season 2 is in session! There are over 200 episodes ready for your ears. ๐ŸŽง

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Your Empty Nest Coach Podcast

Freaking out about the empty nest ahead? Together we will channel your freaking out energy into freaking awesome energy! Podcast episodes have a base of life coaching infused with reminders to cheer yourself on and to be your own biggest fan!

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Considering Private Coaching?

Private Coaching fills fast. Interested in the next opening? Take this quick quiz to see if we'll work well together.

Don't take my word for it...


โ€œI highly recommend the private coaching program! Coach Christine is insightful, compassionate, and inspiring and has helped me to envision this "empty-nest" phase of my life as an exciting new beginning. I am so grateful for this program. โ€œ
Jennifer K.
โ€œYes! I recommend the program! Christine is extremely present and supportive and really understands the complexity of the emotions one faces at this time of life.โ€œ
โ€œI recommend this program 1000 times over. If you want to make a positive change and better yourself, become emotionally accountable and mature as a person, I would recommend this programโ€œ

Media & Press

As Seen On / As Heard On

  • Love Your Life Show
    Parenting & The Empty Nest
    Love Your Life Show
    We have a great conversation about how to best support ourselves and our kids, whether theyโ€™re still in our nest, half in, or all the way launched.
  • Live Well And Fully
    How to Adjust to Transition in the Empty Nest Years
    Live Well And Fully
    Find out what might be behind a reluctance to really โ€œlet goโ€ of your child's challenges, and more!
    Watch on YouTube
  • She Podcasts Live 2021
    TikTok Talk
    She Podcasts Live 2021
    See #8 in Resonate Recordings blog post 10 things we learned at She Podcasts 2021. The full talk is available in my workshops, too!
  • Documentary on Amazon Prime
    The Overly Emotional Child
    Documentary on Amazon Prime
    Overcoming the challenges of big emotions. Why do children have them? ... โ€œYou have the ability to impact generations to come in your family as you learn to do this.โ€
    Watch the Trailer
  • Redbook
    10 Ways to Be the Kind of Parent Your Kid Looks Up To
    โ€ Give them space to be who they are, to listen to them, and to love them. When you lead with loveโ€ฆโ€
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  • Green Living
    Dealing with Empty Nest Syndrome
    Green Living
    โ€˜โ€™Remind yourself that you are strong enough to process through it.โ€
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    The Real Moms of TikTok
    โ€˜At 50, youโ€™re just getting startedโ€™
    Read the Article
  • Your Brilliance
    Empty Nest Tips for Rediscovering Yourself with Coach Christine
    Your Brilliance
    Empty nest prep.
    Check it Out
  • Parents' Guide To The College Puzzle
    Four Things to Do Now that Youโ€™re in the Empty Nest
    Parents' Guide To The College Puzzle
    Remember: PSPF
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  • Inspiring Mompreneurs
    Meet Christine, Your Empty Nest Coach
    Inspiring Mompreneurs
    โ€œI love that by living in who I am called to be, that I have had the privilege of inspiring others to do what they are meant to do.โ€
    Read the Full Interview
  • Living Day By Day Community Magazine
    January/February 2021 Issue
    Living Day By Day Community Magazine
    Honored to be on the cover and included in this inspirational magazine!
    Learn More
    50 Experts Share Mental Health Tips for Coping With a Crisis
    #24 is where you will find me ๐Ÿ˜‰ โ€œIn moments where you feel intense negative emotion, I suggest making time to write down the thoughts circling in your mind.โ€
    Read the Article
  • Authority Magazine
    5 Ways to Develop Serenity During Anxious Times with Christine Maziarz
    Authority Magazine
    โ€œWhen you find the ability to become present in your life, you wonโ€™t find yourself trapped in the future or the past โ€“ you will be precisely where you ought to be โ€“ in the now.โ€
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    How to Create a (Successful) Podcast Channel: 20 Expert Tips
    โ€œOne tip I love to share with new podcasters is to speak directly to one person in your listening audience.โ€
    Read the Article

Are you feeling lost and alone as your child transitions out of the home?

Coach Christine

Coach Christine has been there, and she is here to help. She provides resources through her podcast, social media accounts, private Facebook group, and 1:1 private coaching, all focused on encouraging you to write the next amazing chapter of your life. The rest of your life CAN be the best of your life!

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You Need a Budget
You Need a BudgetSeriously changed my life
Future you will thank you for checking this one out! I talk about it in episode 154 of my podcast.

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