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130: Things That Won't Be on My Tombstone, New FAFSA Calculations, Your Wins & More 💚

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Hello, my amazing friend!

🗨 "The world needs you - not carbon copies of other humans. We need you to be authentically, unabashedly you, so I hope that if you don’t already know who you are, that you get a glimpse of your future this week."

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Episode Topics & Their Minute Markers

  • 01:00 Skip Intro and Get to the Tombstone Talk
  • 04:36 My Wish For You Today
  • 05:18 New Things: March 2021 Coaching
  • 05:52 Ask Coach Christine: "Can you comment on the FAFSA removing the consideration of multiple college students in the family?"
  • 07:28 Give, give, give
  • 08:19 Christine Where are You?  On Clubhouse and at Podfest Global Summit
  • 10:18 Celebrate You & Your Wins!
  • 12:45 What's in Your Life's Toolbox? 
  • 13:58 Let's Find the Funny! 
  • 13:59 What I Wish My Parents Knew: About the Kitchen
  • 14:55 Two Questions for You
  • 15:53 Bloopers

Episode Questions for You To Consider

  1. Was the tombstone talk too much? 
  2. Is this the week you call in and share something with my podcast audience?

Send audio feedback to Coach Christine now: voicemail/text to 920-LIFEWIN (920-543-3946).

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