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153: Listen to this episode when the holidays are approaching

Your Empty Nest Coach Podcast

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Holiday Topics Included
  • Your adult/emerging adult child is home for the holidays
  • Your family stresses you out
  • You are alone
  • Dealing with parental guilt
  • Mourning a loved one

"My amazing friend, I'm not here to become your guru or advice provider. Nah, that's way too much pressure for me, to be honest. I'm here to guide you on a path to discover how to use you as your own internal GPS, and I'll cheer you all along the way."

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Episode Topics & Their Minute Markers

  • 00:42  Podcast Intro
  • 01:10   Why am I creating these episodes? 
  • 03:23  How to use the GPS Reset exercises/affirmations
  • 05:13  The topic is holidays
  • 05:50  When your emerging adult child is home for the holidays
  • 08:30  When visiting family stresses you out 
  • 10:52   When you are alone during the holidays
  • 13:25    When you have parental holiday guilt
  • 16:56    When you are mourning a loved one

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You are preparing for the empty nest ahead as your child(ren) prepares, heads off to, and experiences college.