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An unofficial podcast about the Wonka-verse from two people who didn't think they cared about Willy Wonka until they learned a prequel was being made and it rocked their world. You may think, how much is there to say about Wonka, the most forgettable and most memorable franchise? More than you would ever believe. Join us as we count down to the day of the Wonka Rapture, March 2023. 2021-2022
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If Wonka had a reality show, what would it look like? In perhaps our most chaotic episode yet, we brainstorm and create a 10 episode season for Wonka and his reality debut. Featuring inspiration from
20th Apr 2022
1 hour
Oh, did you not cry hard enough watching Paddington? Well, good thing there’s a sequel to rip your heart out and sew it back together! In this episode, we lose our minds over a new Build-A-Bear
30th Mar 2022
50 minutes
It’s true: Wonka has been DELAYED by EIGHT MONTHS. Along with this breaking news, Felicia was able to obtain a special report that reveals why they’ve pushed out the prequel’s release. Read Along
23rd Mar 2022
51 minutes
Grab your tissues and call your therapist because we’re diving into the wholesome movie, Paddington! Why is Wonka Watch covering a random movie about an adorable bear trying to find his place in the
16th Mar 2022
1 hour
Tear out that first part of Charlie and the Glass Elevator because it has nothing to do with the second part of this series breaking down the sequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Attempt to
9th Mar 2022
51 minutes
Why take the stairs when you can take a terrifying, glass elevator that defies science and pisses off aliens? We finally dive into the last Dahl canon for Willy Wonka with the sequel to Charlie and
2nd Mar 2022
56 minutes
Is Willy Wonka capable of love? Or, more importantly, are we capable of podcasting? Join us as we investigate Wonka’s ability to form healthy relationships in his life, which slowly turns into us
23rd Feb 2022
54 minutes
You’ve sent us your theories, hot takes, secrets, and art. Now, it’s time we share them with THE WORLD! Listenerpalooza is a listener-based episode compiled from your submissions, comments, and
16th Feb 2022
1 hour
Oh, what’s this in my top hat? An ancient VHS tape featuring a magician acting as Willy Wonka teaching us the neatest magic tricks of all time? Join us as we welcome our newest Wonka, Mark Sweet
2nd Feb 2022
1 hour
Our Wonka Hourglass (filled with sugar, naturally) ran out fast this week, so we’re doing a mini-episode today! Enjoy these delicious crumbs of what Roald Dahl originally had planned for Charlie and
26th Jan 2022
19 minutes
Here we are.. we've finally arrived at the novel that started it all.  Support the Podcast: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/wonkawatch ------------------------------------------------- Sources:
19th Jan 2022
1 hour
Hark! It's time for the 1st annual Wonka Watch Hunger Games. Who will rise? Who will fall? Who will just like... pick berries the whole time and get hypothermia? All will be answered inside. 
12th Jan 2022
43 minutes
Roald Dahl thought he knew all there was to Wonka. Mel Stuart dared to assume he could twist the narrative. Tim Burton . . . uh, did what he did with Johnny Wonka, and at Wonka Watch, we say NAY.
29th Dec 2021
1 hour
Join us as we finish up discussing Tim Burton's take on Willy Wonka.  Full show notes coming soon! Support the Podcast: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/wonkawatch Our Scholarly Wonka Bibliography:
22nd Dec 2021
2 hours
Elaine and Felicia decide to correct their scholarly mistakes by delivering book reports on non-fiction books related to the Wonka-verse. Felicia is reporting on a book about the 1971 film, and
1st Dec 2021
1 hour
Join us as we unravel part two of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971 ft. Gene Wilder) **where children shall be put in harms way, a terrifying tunnel scene will scar generations to come, and
24th Nov 2021
1 hour
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