Empty Nest Success

Adult Children Moving Back Home & Leveling Up (Lessons from TikTok)

Lessons I have learned from TikTok from students (for parents) and as a creator.

Topics the Students Have Shared:

  • Different Schedules when they return home
  • Limited Space when back home with the change in schedules
  • Can't entertain parents and other family members - especially when doing virtual work from home
  • Mental Health
  • Midnight Mac N Cheese
  • "It isn't that hard!"
  • "You Sit Around all Day."
  • Helping Each Other/Virtual Class Schedules

Reminders of Things that Happen When You Level-Up Your Life

  • Be Prepared for Challenges
  • Relationships may end - watch what you make it mean

Exercise Included:

  • Empathy exercise

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